Welcome to Elemental Healing Arts

"Expression through Connection"

About Me

I'm Sarah. I am a mother, sister, daughter, partner, artist, dancer, performer. Mostly, I'm just a person like you. Professionally, I'm an art therapist, licensed professional counselor, certified clinical trauma professional, and certified integrative mental health provider specializing in anxiety and trauma. My work focuses on offering a safe haven for all the misfits that feel judged or misunderstood in their mainstream encounters with mental health treatment.  


I want this community to be a safe place to connect for support. Expression through connection. It's through connections that we can practice expressing ourselves in many ways. I hope to create a community for participants in the programs of Elemental Healing Arts. We can serve as witnesses to one another and hold space when there is no one else to do so. Let's connect in the spirit of support, connection, and expression as we journey towards a happier way of life.